Premier League fixtures 2023/24: Toughest opening fixtures and easy run-in

10 months ago

The Premier League fixtures for the 2023/24 season have now been announced, giving fans an overview of the key matches and schedule for the upcoming campaign. With a World Cup breaking up the season, it will be a unique calendar, and some teams clearly have trickier schedules than others. Here's an in-depth look at the Premier League fixtures 2023/24 and what they mean for each club.

How are Premier League fixtures decided?

Putting together the Premier League schedule each season is quite the process! It all starts when the Premier League sends its match dates to Atos - they're the tech company that's helped organize fixtures for 30 years now.

They've gotta work around all the international FIFA dates, European competitions, FA Cup - cramming league and League Cup games into whatever dates are left.

In March, clubs fill out forms listing any special requests, like dates they want specific home or away games.

Once the teams are set, each club goes into a pairing grid that maps out their home dates. Then the fixture computer randomly mixes up the data to create the schedule.

Clubs never start or end the season with two homes or aways in a row - that wouldn't be fair!

Travel is also considered so teams aren't criss-crossing the country. Though sometimes the Monday night matches don't seem to care too much about fan travel. That's on the broadcasters picking those games!

Local rivals like Man City and Man United won't play home games at the same time. It's trickier in London with so many teams.

When the list is complete, Premier League, Football League, and Atos reps review it to make sure everything looks good.

And that's how the magic Premier League schedule comes together! Complex stuff but someone's gotta organize the fixtures.

When does the Premier League start?

The 2023/24 Premier League season is set to kick off on August 12, 2023. This opening matchday will feature all 20 Premier League clubs playing their first game of the new campaign. The season will then unfold over the following nine months, with each team playing 38 matches home and away against every opponent. After 38 exciting matchweeks, the season will conclude on May 19, 2024 when the champion will be crowned along with the final relegation and European qualification places determined. With world-class players and elite managers, the 2023/24 Premier League season promises to be another thrilling nine-month rollercoaster ride from August to May.

When does the Premier League end?

The 2023/24 Premier League campaign is scheduled to conclude on Sunday, May 19, 2024. After 38 intense matchweeks featuring every team playing home and away, the final matchday will arrive to deliver a dramatic finish. On this last day of the season, all 20 Premier League clubs will kick off their matches at the same time. With the championship, European qualification spots, and relegation survival on the line, the 2023/24 season will culminate in thrilling fashion. By the end of 19th May, the title winner will be crowned and the final table will be set, wrapping up another captivating nine-month Premier League rollercoaster ride from August to May.

Who has the toughest opening fixtures and who has an easy run-in?
Toughest Opening Fixtures:

  • Liverpool - Their first three matches are against Manchester City, Arsenal, and Chelsea - all teams expected to compete for the top 4 spots. Facing last season's #1, #3 and #4 placed teams early on will be a huge test.
  • Chelsea - Similar to Liverpool, they have some very difficult early matches against Man City, Liverpool, and Arsenal in their first 6 games. With a new manager, facing those title contenders immediately will be challenging.
  • Bournemouth - As a newly promoted side, Bournemouth has been handed some brutal early tests against Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea in their first four matches. Facing last season's 2nd, 3rd and 4th placed teams right off the bat could be the ultimate Premier League welcome.

Easiest Run-Ins:

  • Fulham - Their final three matches are against teams expected to finish in the bottom half - Leicester, Brighton, and Crystal Palace. Those could all be very winnable matches as they try to avoid relegation.
  • Leeds - They finish off against Leicester, Brighton, Brentford and Southampton. If Leeds are in a relegation battle, facing teams in the bottom half could help them stay up.
  • Aston Villa - Their last five games come against Leicester, Southampton, Brighton, Palace and Fulham. If Villa are mid-table later on, those games represent chances to move up the standings.

So those appear to be some of the most extreme opening and closing stretches in the upcoming Premier League season based on opponent difficulty. Of course, anything can happen over the course of the season in terms of team form and injuries. But those schedules stand out on paper right now.

How Does The Premier League Schedule Work? 

Buckle up folks, the Premier League season is one wild rollercoaster ride! From August to May, it's nonstop football action, with a quick summer break to catch our breath.

Across the 20 teams in the league, there's a whopping 380 matches crammed into those 10 months. Let's break it down:

  • August - The season starts off with a bang! 30 games as the teams kick their campaigns into high gear. You can feel the excitement in the air.
  • September to November - 30-39 matches each month. The teams find their groove and the league table starts to take shape.
  • December - Straight chaos with 63 games over the holidays! Time for some eggnog and back-to-back Premier League thrillers.
  • January-February - 30-40 games per month. The January transfer window always shakes things up mid-season.
  • March to May - The final 50+ matches where everything is at stake. Titles, Europe spots, relegation battles - the drama is guaranteed!

While we're on the edge of our seats watching all the action, the Premier League officials are working hard scheduling everything during the offseason. They carefully organize the fixtures for each club through a random draw.

They split the season into 10 blocks of matches, mirroring the first and second half to keep things balanced. Smart scheduling means the teams get proper rest too - no excessive home or away stretches.

The only exception is the Manchester derby - City and United better be ready to battle!

So grab some snacks and get pumped - the Premier League delivers nonstop entertainment!

The Premier League fixtures 2023/24 provide plenty of amzing matches to anticipate. With the added factor of the World Cup splitting up the calendar, it promises to be a campaign like no other. The countdown to next season has well and truly begun! Visit daily for more information about your favourite leagues.


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