How many teams have played in the Premier League? All teams, history and list of champions

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Since its formation in 1992, the English Premier League has showcased a total of 49 different clubs in its illustrious history. Some have been mainstays throughout while others make cameo appearances. Here's a comprehensive look at How many teams have played in the Premier League and key facts about membership in England's top flight.

How many teams have played in the Premier League?

Overall, 49 teams have featured in the Premier League over the 30 seasons since its inception in 1992. At any one time, there are 20 clubs competing in the Premier League. Each season, the bottom three teams are relegated to the Championship division while the top two Championship clubs are promoted. This turnover means new teams regularly enter while others lose their Premier League status.

Full list of teams in Premier League history

Out of the 49 total clubs, six have appeared in every Premier League campaign - Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham.

Some of the more obscure or forgotten teams to have briefly played in the Premier League include Barnsley, Blackpool, Bradford City, Oldham Athletic, Sheffield United, Swindon Town, Watford and Wimbledon.

Below is the full list of clubs by season count:


How many teams have won the Premier League?

Despite 49 teams competing in the Premier League era, the title has been won by only seven clubs. Manchester United have won 13 Premier League titles, the most of any team. They are followed by Chelsea (5), Manchester City (4), Arsenal (3), Blackburn Rovers (1), Leicester City (1) and Liverpool (1).

Winning the coveted Premier League trophy remains an exclusive achievement reserved for a select group of top teams able to maintain consistency year after year. The competitive balance ultimately enhances the prestige for those who do finally break through and lift the trophy.

Which teams have never been relegated from the Premier League?

Out of the ever-present clubs, only Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham have managed to avoid relegation from the Premier League since its inception.

Everton has competed in every Premier League season without being relegated, an impressive feat, but they were not part of the founding clubs in 1992. The five clubs who have stayed in the top flight for 30 straight seasons deserve significant credit for the staying power and consistency.

Has the Premier League had five CL participants before?

If England receives the maximum allotment of Champions League places for 2024-25 based on coefficient rankings, it would be the first time five Premier League teams qualify for the Champions League.

In seasons when Chelsea has won the Champions League but finished outside the top four, England has had five representatives but not all from the Premier League. There could now potentially be two more than the standard allocation of four spots based on England's UEFA coefficient.

How does the new Champions League format work?

Under the expanded Champions League format taking effect for the 2024-25 season, there will be 36 participating teams instead of 32. The allocation of two extra places goes to the leagues ranked first and second in UEFA's coefficient rankings - currently England and Spain.

The 36 teams will be placed into one giant league table with each club playing eight matches against eight different opponents. The top eight sides in the league table will automatically qualify for the knockout round of 16 while the teams finishing 9th to 24th will play two-legged playoffs to fill out the bracket.

If England receive five CL places, does the ECL spot go down to eighth?

Yes, if England gains five Champions League spots thanks to its UEFA coefficient ranking, the Europa League place would then get filled by the Premier League team finishing eighth, rather than seventh as has been the standard.

The additional positions are a reward for the Premier League's strength and success in European competitions. More teams than ever will now have a direct path into the Champions League group stage or Europa League through Premier League play.

So in summary, 49 teams have featured in the Premier League era, with seven clubs winning the title. The makeup of teams is always changing but a select few have avoided relegation. The potential for five Champions League spots would be a historic first that further cements England's dominance.

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